By Webby Award Winner for Public Service and Activism

What I’ve Found So Far is a brief curriculum of affirmations and observations... In the barbershop, I became an entrepreneur, an artist, and a keen observer of the human condition.  I compiled these statements as they occurred to me along the journey of learning to cut hair and create a life I love. The lifestyle of an apprentice of any kind comes with its ups and downs, collecting these thoughts was an effort to establish firewalls against my recurring fears and anxieties. By sharing insights from my journey through this world and into myself my hope is to help us rewire on a personal level, and ultimately encourage harmony.

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Raised in PG County, MD , of Nigerian and African-American decent. A bachelor’s in African and African-American Studies from the University of Virginia.  “What I’ve Found So Far” is a compilation of original statements, affirmations and observations with which she hopes to help us all get a little closer to ourselves.

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Monisade and Soleil have been friends since they were 14 years-old. Soleil penned the foreword for her friend's seminal work. Soleil is a Black American and Costa Rican Artist who’s intention is to unlock and unify collective consciousness through music, visual art and conversation. Her practice is devoted to spreading, preserving, and expanding the legacy of Free Wombz.


DeVonte Oldham

DeVonte Oldham is a Maryland based visual artist and WIFSF collaborator. Monisade and DeVonte met via social media when he drew a marker sketch of her as an award for a promotional contest of his in 2014. The two have continued to support each other since. Vonte, as he is known, delivered 2 beautiful sketches for What I've Found So Far. Yes, there will be more :) 

"You still callin shit coincidence you might not get it yet."

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